Menuet & GU-film presenteren een film van Kadir Balcı Turquaze - release 29 september 2010


Burak Balcı

BURAK BALCI (1982) is Kadir Balcı’s brother. He’s studying flamenco guitar. He took classes with Emre El Turco and Alexander Gavilán and attended summer workshops with Emre El Turco and Liesbeth Maes. Actually, he is taking improvisation workshops with Saïdjah Galo and Marquito Velez. Soon, Burak will accomplish his education in the famous Fundación Cristina Heeren in Seville (Andalusia).

Charlotte Vandermeersch

CHARLOTTE VANDERMEERSCH (1983) graduated from Studio Herman Teirlinck in 2005. Over a short space of time, she compiled an impressive CV. She performed with SkaGeN (‘Deurdedeurdeur’, ‘Laura Exterieur’), Abattoir Fermé (Tinseltown) and Wunderbaum (Kamp Jezus).

Her television credits include roles in the television series ‘Witse’, ‘Kinderen van Dewindt’, and more recently ‘Dag & Nacht’.

Vandermeersch sang and performed in music theatre plays: ‘De Noces’ (Walpurgis/de Roovers/Spectra Ensemble), ‘Zilke’ (Walpurgis& Flat Earth Society) and ‘Nina Nina’ (Dimitri Leue, HETPALEIS). Recently, she performed in ‘Oblomov’ (Lazarus).

Vandermeersch has also had notable success on the big screen. Felix van Groeningen cast her in both ‘With Friends Like These’ and ‘The Misfortunates’. She also appeared in Patrice Toye’s ‘(N)iemand’ and ‘Loft’ by Erik van Looy.

Nihat Alptuğ Altınkaya

Thirty year old NIHAT ALPTUG ALTINKAYA (1979) was plucked from the street by a casting agent and rapidly became a popular member of the new wave of young Turkish actors. He played roles in the television series Menekşe and Halil, Yaprak Dökümü (Falling Leaves) and 1001 Nights. He also regularly appears in video clips and commercials. In 2010, he starred in the feature film 'En Mutlu Olduğum Yer' (‘Where I Am Happiest’) and TV series 'Kahramanlar' (Heroes).

Tilbe Saran

Originally from Istanbul, TILBE SARAN has received numerous awards for her work. Since the 1980s, Saran has been an integral part of Turkish theatre arts. For six years, she was a member of the Istanbul Conversatory Theater. She then went on to cofound the Akbank Production Theater. Between 1995 and 2004, this theatre company produced 9 plays in which Saran played the leading role. In 2006, she appeared in the film TIMES AND WINDS which won the prize for the best Turkish film at the Istanbul International Film Festival. Recently, the actress performed in ‘Un Grand Cri d’Amour’ (Josiane Balasko), ‘Mother Courage’ (Bertolt Brecht) and ‘Eşikte’ (Sedef Ecer).

Sinan Vanden Eynde

Like Nihat, SINAN VANDEN EYNDE (1991) was also discovered on the street. After a casting, he proved to be the ideal ‘Bora’. This role is his very first acting experience. Vanden Eynde studies law at the University of Ghent.

Hilal Sönmez

The Belgian HILAL SÖNMEZ (1980) attended acting lessons at the Parallax Ecole d’Acteurs in Brussels, acquiring both theatre and film skills. Over the past two years, she has appeared in various short films (including ‘Un ami de Giacometti’ and ‘Un bref désir d’éternité’). She also regularly performs on stage. In 2008, she appeared in the film ‘S’il te plaît, non!’, ‘Sens Interdit’ and ‘Le Déménagement’.

Katelijne Verbeke
Mark Verstraete
Tine Embrechts
Johan Dehollander
Mustapha Boumourra
Gilles De Schryver
Maaike Cafmeyer
Nergis Çorakçi
Evren Duyal
Azize Tan
Stefan Zajc
Johan Heldenbergh
Arzu Kökeng
Tonguc Y. Oksal
Christine Verheyden
Lies Pauwels
Pasqual Pronesti